Our First line Products

Take a moment to discover the medical devices designed or adapted specifically for the markets of Asia, Africa and South America

Disposable automatic ventilator that operates without electricity.

During the COVID-19 ventilation surge GO2Vent® was successfully used to fight the pandemics on a nationwide scale in Ecuador and Peru.

Durable, high intensity jaundice treatment designed for remote areas.

bili-hut global™ has been validated in field trials in Burundi and demonstrated high efficacy during the recent studies in Peru.

Accessible non-invasive device for rapid and accurate newborn jaundice screening

bili-ruler™ was validated on 800 newborns in a multiethnic cohort in Boston, Massachusetts as well as in Bangladesh.

Low radiation dose high-speed full body X-Ray​ capable of producing high-quality images in incredible 13 seconds.

Designed and developed in South Africa, Lodox® is saving lives in trauma units and dramatically increases the throughput in forensic facilities.

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