Single-patient disposable automatic ventilator

The GO2Vent® was designed by VORTRAN® Medical Technology, Inc. to provide ventilation in difficult situations such as, mass casualties, natural disasters, disease outbreaks, major power outages and for transportation needs.


Unique set of characteristics make the GO2Vent® a perfect solution for the remote and limited resource areas

Single-patient Use

Disposable ventilator means no maintenance cost an no time spent cleaning and disinfecting between patients

Operates without electricity

With a simple connection to a gas source. This is ideal for remote locations and rural areas or where the nearest ICU is hours away

Small and lightweight

GO2Vent® can be easily transported and stockpiled

During the COVID-19 ventilation surge GO2Vent® was successfully used to fight the pandemics on a nationwide scale in Ecuador and Peru.

Watch our interview with Dr. Hugo Espejo from Hospital IESS Quito Sur, Ecuador, where he presents the protocol for non-invasive ventilation of COVID-19 patients using the GO2Vent® 

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