Accessible non-invasive device for rapid and accurate newborn jaundice screening

Little Sparrows Technologies is a company that creates affordable solutions for global newborn medical care.

bili-ruler™ allows health workers to quickly diagnose neonatal jaundice in low-resource settings, where the complicated and expensive devices such as transcutaneous bilirubin meters are not always accesible.

bili-ruler for jaundice diagnosis

How does it work?

The bili-ruler™ is an “icterometer”, or a series of yellow swatches of increasing intensity that correlate to ranges of serum bilirubin levels and help determine the severity of jaundice

Identifying the bili-ruler™ color that most closely matches the baby’s blanched skin color on the tip of the nose, the user can approximate the baby’s bilirubin level

The bili-ruler™ features an integrated light indicator to guide the user to the best lighting to conduct assessment. The state-of-the-art printing techniques assure exceptional color fidelity

The bili-ruler™ has a strong positive correlation with both transcutaneous and serum bilirubin measurements. It was validated on nearly 800 multi-ethnic babies demonstrating equivalency to complicated hospital devices.

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