bili-hut global™

Durable, high intensity jaundice treatment designed for babies everywhere

Little Sparrows Technologies is a company that creates affordable solutions for global newborn medical care.

bili-hut global™ was designed for the remote areas with limited access to the effective phototherapy equipment.

bili-hut global™

Battery-powered option for a variety of settings

Provides the high-intensity phototherapy treatment even with the lower voltage

Light and highly foldable

bili-hut global™ construction ensures the inexpensive shipment and makes possible the easy transfer of the device

Unique design improves thermoregulation

Treatment environment designed for warmth & comfort, eliminating need for incubator

Recent study conducted in Peru demonstrates the fast treatment times of bili-hut™ global, which helps to reduce the length of stay for babies and families and avoid risk of infections especially during the pandemic.

Watch our interview with Donna Brezinski, the CEO and founder of Little Sparrows Technologies, where she tells the story behind the development of bili-hut global™ and explains the challenges of the neonatal jaundice diagnosis and treatment.

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