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What is LOK 3A?

LOK 3A is a subdivision of LOK Corporation, an international company that helps the manufacturers of innovative medical devices to establish the market presence. 

LOK 3A is focused on affordable and adaptable solutions that meet the highly specific requirements of the medical device markets in the developing countries.

3A Market needs

With LOK 3A our goal is to endorse the medical technologies that are capable of making a difference for the healthcare in limited resource areas

Energy conscious

The devices that are not relying on the grid or can use the alternative power sources

Effective and Easy to Use

Targeted towards the busy healthcare facilities with high throughput


The best solutions that would fit the limited budget of the healthcare facilities



Can be easily transported between the healthcare facilities in the region

“We decided to take action and make healthcare innovation available to developing countries. We recognize that these regions require adaptable and affordable care solutions, therefore we decided to partner with innovators that could make a difference in those too often forgotten markets. LOK 3A is call-to-arm to the industry for accessible and sustainable care, we need the medical device innovators to adapt their life-saving technologies and we are there to facilitate the process.”

Daniel Cloutier,


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